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Ski Area Damüls-Mellau

Day ticket in Damüls-Mellau to 2,5 days 2021/22

1 Day ticket55,5054,0052,0032,006,00
1 Day ticket with discount*53,5052,0050,0030,006,00
Day ticket from 11.00 am51,5045,0042,0028,006,00
Day ticket from 11.30 am48,5042,0040,0027,006,00
Day ticket from 12.00 am43,0037,0036,5025,006,00
Day ticket from 0.30 pm38,5035,0034,5022,006,00
Day ticket from 1.00 pm36,0034,0033,0021,006,00
Day ticket from 1.30 pm33,0032,0031,5020,006,00
Day ticket from 2.00 pm31,0030,0028,0018,506,00
Hour ticket59,5056,5054,5034,00
Refund within 2H18,5017,0016,009,50
Refund within 3H14,5013,5011,007,00
Refund within 4H8,507,007,004,50
Extra day**49,0047,0043,0027,00

* day pass discount receive guests upon presentation of a valid guest card.
** Extension in direct connection to a Damüls-Mellau 2-day pass, expired card must be presented.

No refund when purchasing a day pass. Refunds in the day ticket area are carried out exclusively on the hour tickets!

Single ride ticket Damuels 2021/22

Ride up UGA11,5010,8010,808,00

Single ride ticket Mellau 2021/22

Ride up-and-down13,8012,8012,809,10
Ride up-and-down (reduced)13,30
Tour pass with 3 rides*20,6020,6020,6014,30
4 single rides**23,9021,6021,6015,60
8 single rides**41,8037,6037,6027,10
12 single rides**59,6053,8053,8038,80
16 single rides**75,2067,5067,5048,80
20 single rides**90,6081,2081,2058,50

* one time for Mellaubahn, Rossstelle, Wildgunten
** Mellaubahn and Gipfelbahn valid throughout the winter season, only for pedestrians

Practice lifts Damuels 2021/22

Practice lift day ticket12,9012,9012,9012,90
Practice lift 5 rides10,6010,6010,6010,60

Practice lifts Mellau 2021/22

Practice lift half day from 1.00 pm10,6010,6010,606,60
Practice lift day ticket17,8017,8017,8010,60
Hasenlift 20 rides16,3016,3016,308,30