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Alpine Hut Hike Damüls Faschina

The Türtschalpe, Alpe Unterdamüls, Alpe Oberdamüls, Alpe Ragaz, Alpe Uga and Alpe Elsa offer (in addition to the magnificent views on the hiking route down to Lake Constance and to the highest Vorarlberg peaks) locally produced products like milk, yoghurt and Vorarlberg mountain cheese.

The hike is suitable for all ages and can be hiked as a large day tour or in individual stages.

The hike can be started at the Uga-Express or at the Türtschalpe. A hiking bus runs to the Türtschalpe on Fridays, otherwise you can easily reach the Alpe from Damüls or Faschina via the hiking trails.
For all enthusiastic hikers and nature lovers who hike to all 6 alpine huts and have completely filled out the alpine hut pass, we have a surprise ready.

Facts to the alpine hut pass

  • The pass is available in all participating Alps, at the Damüls cable cars and at the Damüls Faschina tourist office.
  • Children collect stamps to get a surprise at the tourist office.
  • Adults can buy shot glasses (costs filled € 3.50) in every alp. When all 6 shot glasses and the alpine hut pass have been filled in, you get a surprise at the tourist office.
  • from 04.07.2020 to 06.09.2020

6 alpine huts

  • Alpe Uga
  • Alpe Elsen
  • Alpe Ragaz
  • Alpe Oberdamüls
  • Alpe Unterdamüls
  • Türtschalpe