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''Walser im Wald'' with Anna Mabo

In the completely full setting of the Pfarrhof Anna Mabo, Clemens Sainitzer and Alexander Yannilos inspired with a unique performance. The 27-year-old singer-songwriter Anna Mabo convinced with captivating lyrics and catchy music. The combination of voice, guitar, cello and drums captivated the audience.

Mabo's songs hit the heart without losing the poetry. The trio managed to incorporate diversions and surprises into their songs, creating an enlightened atmosphere. The collaboration with cello and drums added depth and dynamics to the music.

Mabo's background as a director was reflected in pointed turns of phrases in her songs. The concert was a successful combination of creative staging and musical brilliance that delighted the audience.

The show continues on Aug. 16 with David Helbock's Random/Control Duo!