'Walser im Wald' concert with 'Prinz Grizzley'

The musical Summer Series ' Walser im Wald' is already held for the 9th time in 2021 and we are delighted that this music series, supplemented by classical performances, has been very well received by the visitors. Blues, Americana and alt-country are probably not the first things that people would associate with the mountains of Austria. But that's exactly what the audience can expect when Chris Comper takes the stage as Prince Grizzley. He plays music from the heart. A heart strongly characterized by "mountains, forests, stubbornness, warmth of heart, religiosity and part of a very simple life". It is a mixture of Austrian Alpine culture, expressed by the sounds of Americana. It is not surprising that it works, since there is a long tradition in the US of absorbing aspects of immigration culture and reintegrating it into sounds that eventually become so iconic that it is difficult to trace the origins. So why shouldn't the result, when this process is reversed, feel just as organic. Heartache, loneliness and melancholy are universal experiences that do not require geographical location.

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'Walser im Wald' concert with 'Prinz Grizzley'

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    Organization Damüls Faschina Tourismus

    Ort 6884 Damüls

    Start 20:30

  • Repeating event

    • 14.07.2021

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'Walser im Wald' concert with 'Prinz Grizzley'

Kirchdorf 138, 6884 Damüls


  • Kirchdorf 138, 6884 Damüls
  • Damüls Dorfplatz
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