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Elementary school and kindergarten ski race, 16.03.2012

It was another great and above all exciting race! Congratulations to the big winner!

Fabienne Türtscher

Fabienne Türtscher download (263.0 KB)

Svenja Madlener

Svenja Madlener download (299.6 KB)

Karl Türtscher & Arno Nigsch

Karl Türtscher & Arno Nigsch download (311.7 KB)

Leo Feurstein & Svenja Madlener

Leo Feurstein & Svenja Madlener download (344.9 KB)

Remo Plankel

Remo Plankel download (309.0 KB)

Samuel Nigsch

Samuel Nigsch download (256.8 KB)

Arno Nigsch with Samuel

Arno Nigsch with Samuel download (232.3 KB)

Family Nigsch

Family Nigsch download (286.4 KB)

The winners of the elementary school Damüls

The winners of the elementary school Damüls download (398.2 KB)

Kolumban Bischof & Rainer Türtscher

Kolumban Bischof & Rainer Türtscher download (320.8 KB)

The winner of the kindergarten Damüls

The winner of the kindergarten Damüls download (395.5 KB)

Eva Madlener

Eva Madlener download (405.6 KB)

Walter Kempf & Heike Strasshofer

Walter Kempf & Heike Strasshofer download (368.9 KB)

Fabienne Türtscher & Svenja Madlener

Fabienne Türtscher & Svenja Madlener download (342.2 KB)

Vivien Strasshofer

Vivien Strasshofer download (235.4 KB)

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